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Write the first paragraph of your page here. Ceylan (Japanese: 鷲崎セイラン, Washizaki Seiran, Seiran Washizaki) is a main character of Tenkai Knights. He posesses the core of Tributon, one of the legendary Tenkai Knights. However, ever since he unlocked Elemental Mode, he goes by the name Tributon Tenkai Iceblast.

He is partners with Flurr, the Frosticons' leader and holds the Frosticon cubit.

Out of the four boys, Ceylan is the closest to Guren Nash.

He is voiced by Todd Haberkorn in English and by Akemi Kanda in Japanese.


Ceylan is 13 years old, has blue hair and blue eyes. He wears a white hooded sweatshirt with a blue jacket over it and blue pants. He also wears brown boots and has green goggles on his head.

When he mixes with Flurr, Ceylan has his wings and tail.


He is friendly, goofy, outgoing and a big practical joker. When not goofing off, however, Ceylan can be surprisingly cautious. He is also a huge fan of lime parfait, as he often asks for it in Toxsa's diner. He has been shown to have self-doubt at times and has a somewhat short temper. He is also very defensive of being insulted or being attack by Nixels just to protect Flurr.

Relationships Edit

Humans Edit

Guren Nash-Ceylan is best friends with Guren. Although he can sometimes find him awkward, they are still friendly towards each other. As well as the other knights, Guren wants to keep the team together (despite, Ceylan first wanted to quit the team).

Toxsa Dalton-

Chooki Mason-


Mixels Edit

Infernites Edit













Flurr- Like Guren Nash, Flurr is best friends with Ceylan since they like to joke a lot and are both goofy. When he first met him, Flurr started to have a liking on Ceylan's goggles which annoyed him at first because he wanted to wear them. However, Ceylan sometimes let's him wear them whenever they are not battling Nixels.

As his partner and friend, Ceylan is always there to protect Flurr and often worries about losing him or seeing him get hurt. But therefore learns to just let Flurr be on his own even if it means sacrificing himself for him.



Partner Edit

Ceylan is partners with Flurr and also Slumbo and Lunk.

Special Powers Edit

Icy Breath- Blows an icy cold breath that freezes enemies.

Hurricane Blizzard- Gathers enemies in an ice tornado.

Wing Attack- Damages and knocks out enemies with a mighty blast from his wings.

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