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Chomly is a Fang Gang Mixel.


Chomly is a lethargic trash compactor. Keep your hands and feet away because he would eat pretty much anything. This gives him the stinkiest breath ever and to make things even worse he talks extremely slowly. Like the other Fang Gang members he lives on weird farmland.


Chomly is possibly the craziest out of the Fang Gang, even though this fact is not obvious from the beginning. He is possibly mentally deranged, as he drools near-constantly and appears to have anger issues, having to exact revenge when he feels wronged. He has personal space issues as well, as he has the tendency to talk very close to others, which does not help with his bad breath. He also does not care for his own safety at times, thanks to the fact he eats whatever he can get his hands on, which ended up costing him one of his teeth and having it replaced with a gold one.



Guren Nash-

Ceylan Jones-

Toxsa Dalton- He and Toxsa are considered good friends, but in Beware of Toxsa!, when they tried to mix, they made a murp instead. However, they successfully managed to mix while battling Major Nixel.

Chooki Mason-