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Chooki (Japanese: 蜂須賀チュウキ, Hachisuka Chuuki, Chuuki Hachisuka) is a main character of Tenkai Knights. He owns the core of Lydendor, one of the legendary Tenkai Knights. However, ever since he unlocked Elemental Mode, he goes by the name, Lydendor Tenkai Lightning Strike. His Mixel partner is Teslo, the Electroid leader, and holds the Electroid cubit.

Out of the four boys, Chooki is the closest to Toxsa Dalton.

He is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in English and by Risa Taneda in Japanese.


Chooki is 12 years-old. He has blonde bangs, which fades into a shade of ginger that is also somewhat of a dirty blond color. Which, pulled into a short, ponytail. His eyes are a bright, emerald green. Chooki's outfit is basically a navy blue t-shirt worn with a metal shoulder padded, yellow, sleeveless jacket vest over it. He also wears a pair of dark grey sweatpants for athletes and white sneakers.

When mixed with Teslo, he has his tail and one mechanical red eye on his left eye which can see if there are any Nixels or other trouble around.


Chooki has a calm disposition. He is the best athlete of the team and always looks forward to a challenge. He is also very good at school, as he tries to do his best at everything. He is often disturbed when he finds something he is not good at, like fishing. He is good at coming up with strategies for the Knights, and almost never backs down from a fight. He is very loyal to his friends and will often put himself at risk to protect them.



Guren Nash-

Ceylan Jones-

Toxsa Dalton- Chooki is best friends with Toxsa, although they have different likings; Chooki plays sports while Toxsa plays video games. Even though he gets annoyed by him, they are still friendly towards each other.




Teslo- While they are still partners and good friends, Chooki sometimes gets annoyed by Teslo's shocking whenever he mixes with him and Teslo is somewhat jealous of Chooki because of his good luck. But they put their differences aside, however.




Chooki is partners with Teslo, along with Zaptor and Volectro.

Special Powers

Electric Smash

Tail Strike