Tenkai Mixels Wiki

Cubits are ores that give Mixels and the Tenkai Knights the power to Mix, Max, and Murp, and are a central object in the Mixels franchise. They are one of the natural resources in Mixels Land, however their supply is limited. The Nixels' mission is to destroy all of them (thus preventing Mixels from doing said actions).


When Mixels want to mix, one will pull out a cubit. All of the Mixels mixing then put their hands on the cubit, and shout "MIX!" After a humorous scene (cannons shooting, giant fists etc.), the transformation is complete, having one Mixel in control, while the other gives the Mixel in control new abilities.

Rainbow Cubits can actually mix Mixels that are not a normal part of any usual Cubit. Guren's rainbow cubit can also take him and his friends to the Mixel world whenever they want.


Cubits are square-shaped solid objects. They are divided into six small triangular shapes that fill the base of it.


The colors of the squares differ depending on which tribes are mixing. For example, a tribe max cubit is all red/black/yellow/blue/brown/orange/green/tan/purple, with two different shades of the color. If two Mixels of different tribes mix, 3/6 of the cubit would be gray and 3/6 would be purple, if a Cragsters and Wiztastics Mixel were to mix, for example.