Gen and The Magician is the 3rd episode of Tenkai Mixels.


Gen meets the Wiztastics for the first time. He also meets the leader, Magnifo who happens to be his partner and also wants to impress him by putting on a magical magic show! But after a magical mishap, Gen decides that he and Magnifo should not be partners because he thinks that Magnifo is too stupid and cheesy, which makes him lose his confidence. Later, Guren and Flain try to tell Gen that he and Magnifo should be partners, but he still refuses and declares that he only wants Mesmo instead because he's just like him. Meanwhile, Major Nixel's Nixels build a new device called the Smacker to smack down the boys and the Mixels! Will Guren get Gen to accept Magnifo to be his partner and mix with him before Tenkai Mixels are all smacked down?

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