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Major Nixel (sometimes called Colonel Nixel or General Nix) is the leader of the Nixels swarm and the main antagonist of the Tenkai Mixels.


Major Nixel is, simply, an oversized version of a regular Nixel. He also has a mustache, large eyebrows, large eyes, epaulettes on his shoulders, and a badge on his chest. He is the only Nixel of his size and the only Nixel to have facial hair. Despite the statue in Wrong Colors, Major Nixel has sharp teeth. In Another Nixel, they are large, but in Nixel Mix Over, they are tiny. Normal Nixels have bigger teeth than he does.


Major Nixel is the only Nixel who is capable of speech other than saying "nix" or "nixel." He can also get angry very easily. He treats the other Nixels like how a tornado treats cars, throwing and kicking them around and forcing them to steal cubits. He might not be very smart, as he confused two Nixels for Mixels not long after he himself painted them to look like Mixels. On the other hand, he might just have a terrible memory.

When the Tenkai Knights first arrived in Mixel Land, Major Nixel had new plans; to get rid of them by destroying their own cubits and killing them!