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The show focuses on the Tenkai Knights; Guren, Ceylan, Toxsa, Chooki, and of course Gen protecting the Mixel World and the cubits from the Nixels, along with their new friends Flain, Krader, Flurr, Teslo, and Magnifo,Scorpi and Glurt Together, they will mix, max, and murp with other Mixels on their way to defeat Major Nixel and his Nixels and then embark on some other crazy adventures that will change their lives as the Tenkai Knights forever.


Things have changed since Guren, Ceylan, Toxsa, Chooki, and Gen have finally defeated Villius and his Corrupted army. Everything was going fine for the Tenkai Knights, until one day Guren finds an odd rainbow colored object in his room called a Cubit that takes him and his friends to another world filled with these strange creatures called Mixels. There, they learn that they can Mix, Max, and even Murp with them. Together with their new partners, they must learn what it takes to beat their new enemies the Nixels and Major Nixel, defend the Mixels' cubits, and save both worlds from destruction as new heroes of Mixel Land, the Tenkai Mixels!

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Tenkai Knights and the Mixel leaders