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The Magnificent Gen is the 23rd episode of Tenkai Mixels.


Feeling that the Wiztastics aren't getting enough Mixels to watch their magic show, the boys decides to help them get every Mixel's attention. Guren gives Magnifo some other magic words he can use for his spells, Chooki, Teslo, and the other Electroids create a commercial, Toxsa and the Cragsters and the Fang Gang help with the props, Ceylan and Flurr help with the lights and the special effects while Gen is chosen to be Magnifo's fourth assistant. But there's just one problem; Gen is only comfortable behind the scenes. How will the Wizstastics' show be a success when Gen refuses to help?


The episode starts with Guren and the boys, along with their bored Mixel partners, watching the Wiztastics practice for their magic show. Once again, Magnifo managed to get one of his wands stuck inside a top hat, and pulling it out caused it to get lodged in Wizwuz's throat, causing him to cough it out and make it hit him in the head, momentarily knocking him out, which caused the boys, except Gen, to laugh at the mishap. Ceylan thinks that they make great comedians than great magicians. Everyone agrees, except for the Mixels and Guren who wasn't paying attention because he starts to feel bad for the Wiztastics for that they don't have Mixels (except Vulk, who loves their shows) to come and watch.