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The Mixel Moon is the 1st episode of Tenkai Mixels season 2.


The Mixels introduce Guren, Ceylan, Toxsa, Chooki, and Gen to their new friends the Orbitronz and the Glowkies who invite them to come to the Mixel Moon and watch their outer space show. Meanwhile, Major Nixel and his Nixels have created cannons to destroy the moon with the Mixels and the boys on it and it's up to Ceylan to mix with the Glowkies and Toxsa to mix with the Orbitronz to stop the cannon balls from breaking the moon apart.


The episode starts with Ceylan, Chooki, Toxsa, and Gen riding their bikes to Guren's house. Ceylan wonders what kind of surprise the Mixels have for them when they arrive in Mixel Land and Toxsa thinks that it might be a new Mixels' video game, but Chooki and Gen don't think so.

After the four boys finally reach Guren's house, they greet Mr. Nash and go upstairs to Guren's room only to find Guren and Max and the rainbow cubit that was a magical item that took all five of them to Mixel Land. As they touched the cubit, a vortex sucked them along with Max into it and took them straight to Mixel Land. When they finally arrived in Mixel Land, they find their Mixel friends and some other Mixels that they've never seen before.


(A loud noise comes from outside and everyone jumps out of their seats.)

Guren: Whoa! What's going on?

Chooki: It's coming from outside!

(The boys and the Mixels run outside and sees Major Nixel and his Nixels loading cannons and shooting them at the moon.)

Flain: What the heck are Major Nixel and those Nixels doing? (squints his eyes)

Gen: Looks like they have cannons, and they're ready to fire them!

(Back down Mixel Planet)

Major Nixel: Ready, aim... FIRE!!!!

(A cannonball shoots from the cannon and hits the Mixel Moon, making the whole moon shake.)

Ceylan: Whoa! They're destroying the Mixel Moon!

Chooki: If they keep this up, it'll split apart!

Guren: We've gotta stop them before that happens!

Gen: But how? They're down there and we're up here!


This the first time the Glowkies and Orbitonz saw on the show